PRESS RELEASE: Barrow qualified to run for the Georgia Supreme Court

March 04 2024


Today Athens attorney John Barrow qualified to run for the Georgia Supreme Court seat currently held by Andrew Pinson.

“I’m running because we need Justices on the Georgia Supreme Court who will protect the right of women and their families to make the most personal family and health care decisions they’ll ever make,” said Barrow. “Despite many fine qualities, it’s obvious from his record that Justice Pinson cannot be counted on to do that.”

“In siding with Mississippi and Alabama in the case that overturned Roe v. Wade, Pinson clearly did not represent the interests of the women and families in Georgia who are just beginning to feel the impact of that decision. We cannot expect Pinson to fight for our interests now that he’s been appointed to the only court that can stop what he helped start.”

Today Georgia law takes away the right of women and their doctors to make these decisions for themselves. Tomorrow it’ll be family planning or IVF treatment. And Andrew Pinson has been in on that from the start,” Barrow said.

Barrow, a graduate of the University of Georgia and Harvard Law School, has 24 years of experience in public office, first as a county commissioner and then as the most bipartisan member of Congress, and 24 years in private practice as a member of a small firm in a small town, representing real people with real world problems.

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