PRESS RELEASE: Barrow Best Positioned for Victory in November; Raffensperger Agenda is Bad for Georgia

July 24 2018

Athens, Ga. — Following tonight’s primary runoff election, Georgia Secretary of State nominee John Barrow released the following statement:

“Our campaign is in the best position to win in November because I’m in the best position to deliver on the issues that we can all agree on. Voters across the state want to protect the right to vote, make it easier to do business and create jobs, protect seniors from financial predators, and prevent professional fraud. Voters also want Democrats and Republicans to work together, especially when it comes to making sure that no one can commit fraud in our elections.

“Unfortunately, the voters know that they cannot expect someone to do the job he’s running for if he’s proved that he can’t — or won’t — do the job he’s already been elected to do. I would act to make sure our elections are secure this year, Brad Raffensperger won’t. I would do the job the General Assembly has already told the Secretary of State to do, Raffensperger won’t.

“There’s been an overwhelming consensus in Georgia that Brian Kemp has failed to do his job as Secretary of State. Whether it was delegating essential governmental responsibilities to incompetent outside contractors, or allowing them to destroy evidence of outside interference with our elections, or failing to protect citizens from professional fraud or corruption, Kemp failed to do his job. All the while, Raffensperger failed to hold Kemp accountable.

“Voters don’t have to take my word for it — Raffensperger’s fellow Republicans have accused him of perjury, refusing to pay his taxes, failing to pay his business debts, and even making false statements when qualifying for this office. Apparently he’s gotten this far because he’s got more of his own money to lend his campaign than his opponents have been able to raise.

“That’s why our message is resonating with Democrats, Republicans, and independents from across our state. I’m proud of the endorsements I’ve received from Georgia community leaders who are willing to support the best person for the job despite their differences over party and who think we need some balance in our state government.”

Barrow is a former Athens-Clarke County commissioner and a former U.S. Congressman representing east and south Georgia. He is a fiscal conservative known for his bipartisan record in Congress, exceptional constituent service, support for our veterans, and bringing jobs to Georgia.

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