PRESS RELEASE: John Barrow Offers Simple Solution for Partisan Gerrymandering

March 29 2018

Athens, Ga.—In the latest edition of the Harvard Journal on Legislation, John Barrow, Democratic candidate for Georgia Secretary of State, provides a simple solution to partisan gerrymandering.

“Folks in the know understand that, today, the number-one way to undermine the right to vote is through partisan gerrymandering. That’s because partisan gerrymandering allows the party in control of a state’s government to use that power to design voting districts in such a way as to “waste” more of the other party’s votes than its own. With gerrymandering every vote gets counted, but some votes count a whole lot more than others, systematically and consistently,” says Barrow in the article.

“In short, the answer to how to design a level playing field is not to allocate a “fair share” of un-level playing fields to each team. The answer is to make as many of the playing fields as level as possible, and to minimize any tilt in the remainder as much as possible,” Barrow concludes.

Earlier in the year, John summarized this article in a Washington Post op-ed.

John is a former Athens-Clarke County commissioner and a former U.S. congressman representing eastern and southeastern Georgia. He is a fiscal conservative known for his bipartisan record in Congress, exceptional constituent service, support for our veterans, and bringing jobs to Georgia.


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