PRESS RELEASE: John Barrow Calls for Secretary of State to Decertify Vulnerable Election Machines, Appoint Special Commission

March 30 2018

Athens, Ga. — Following the Georgia General Assembly’s failure to pass legislation to replace electronic voting machines, John Barrow, Democratic candidate for Georgia Secretary of State, is calling for a special commission to study the options for changing to a modern paper ballot system.

“The replacement of our outdated electronic voting machines should be one of our state’s highest priorities. I’m disappointed, but not surprised, that the General Assembly couldn’t pass common sense legislation by last night’s deadline. The Secretary of State already has the authority to insist on paper ballots and optical scanners for the upcoming election. If he refuses to use the authority he already has, the only chance we will have to get a verifiable count is to replace him with someone who will.”

Barrow is also calling for the appointment of a commission that includes local election officials to study the options for a modern, verifiable paper balloting system. “I’ve talked with local election officials from across the state, and to a person they have complained that the politicians in Atlanta failed to include them in any of the discussions on the need to replace our current electronic system. They need to be included in the process, and they deserve to be included.”

John is a former Athens-Clarke County commissioner and a former U.S. Congressman representing east and south Georgia. He is a fiscal conservative known for his bipartisan record in Congress, exceptional constituent service, support for our veterans, and bringing jobs to Georgia.


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