PRESS RELEASE: John Barrow Calls for Paper Ballots in 2018 Election

February 26 2018

Athens, Ga. — John Barrow, Democratic candidate for Secretary of State, is calling for paper ballots and optical scanners to be used in the 2018 election.

“I support the bipartisan legislation in the Georgia House that will require the use of paper ballots and optical scanners before the next Presidential election. But we shouldn’t have to wait that long to make sure that the only votes that get counted are the votes that are actually cast by duly registered voters. The Georgia Secretary of State has the authority right now to insist on paper ballots — in 2018, not 2020. I call on the Secretary to do what the law already allows — and to do so now.”

Barrow is a former Athens-Clarke County commissioner and a former U.S. Congressman representing eastern and southern Georgia. He is a fiscal conservative known for his bipartisan record in Congress, exceptional constituent service, support for our veterans, and bringing jobs to Georgia.

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